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5 reasons to visit la laguna, mexico

5 reasons to visit La Laguna

Hey, stranger! If you’re reading this, maybe you are thinking about coming to La Laguna, aren’t you? Well, if not, I’m going to tell you a little bit aboiu La Laguna, so you take that step, come here and have the best time of your life.

What is La Laguna?

La Laguna is a region compounded by three large cities and 15 municipalities (small towns). This three cities and municipalities are spread around two estates of Mexico: Coahuila and Durango. With around 1,3 million people living here, La Laguna is considered the 9th biggest metropolis in Mexico.

Why should you visit La Laguna?

1. Industrial innovation and development

It all comes around to history and the region’s climate. La Laguna is basically in the middle of a big desert, and was founded in 1907, only 110 years ago. Before that time, immigrants from all over the world (Lebanon, Spain, Greece, China, United States, Germany), along with Mexicans and indigenous people, started to settle in La Laguna.

With their efforts and constant work, they made a city out of a dessert in less than 50 years. Today, we are one of the biggest, most important and strongest industrialized regions in Mexico. The country’s most important companies were born in La Laguna and are one of the main reasons to thank our quick development.


landscape in la laguna, mexico

2. Unique Traditions

La Laguna is a region with loads of believers and faith. To honor that, we celebrate certain saints’ days and religious festivities. There are many days throughout the year but of the most important ones are held on October 28th and December 12th.

The most famous ritual is called reliquia which translates to heirloom. It consists of entire families or households making food to give out to people, as a way of thanking the favors received from the religious figure through the year. The quantities prepared are for no less than 100 people (at least) and the dishes are: pork with sauces made with chilies and spices, and seven different kinds of pasta, which represent the virtues of the human being.

traditions in la laguna, mexico

3. Food

Now that we are talking about food, La Laguna holds proud ownership to one of the most delicious dishes and foods. The ones that you must try are: Gorditas, carne asada, discada, flour tortillas and cheeses.

Since we are one of the biggest suppliers of beef and dairy products for Mexico and the world, we know how to do our dishes including these products. You must attend a gathering we call carne asada where we serve grilled meat, sausages, guacamole, roasted onion, potatoes and a special kind of quesadillas that we call bombas (with cheese and sometimes chorizo).

On the other hand, we have gorditas. You can stuff them with many dishes, there are also corn and flour versions and some are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, so there are no excuses for you to enjoy them!

gorditas, food in la laguna, mexico

4. Landscapes and sunsets

Sure, La Laguna isn’t the region with the tallest or greenest mountains, but our own are unique and they have their own charm. The most known hill called Cerro de las Noas is home to the 15th tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world, and you can see the whole La Laguna region from up there.

The views are truly unique and if you arrive at the correct time, you will be lucky enough to see the sunset from above. People from all over the world and Mexico have said that La Laguna has the most beautiful sunsets they have ever seen. It’s a thing you must see for yourself…

giant jesus christ in la laguna, mexico

5. Los Laguneros

And last, but definitely not least, the laguneros (people from La Laguna). All the people from this region will treat you with their most authentic good intentions and warm heart. We are extremely caring and empathetic with our visitors and surely want you to have an unbelievable time in our home. You will never be hungry, on the contrary, you will most likely gain some weight! And you’ll gain friendships that will, most likely, last a lifetime.

friend hanging out in la laguna, mexico

La Laguna is home to the best people, food and welcoming environment. You surely don’t want to miss a chance to visit us and see it with your own eyes. I’m sure you will not regret your decision and most likely will want to bring your friends and family to experience it too.

The decision is yours. If you want to live an experience like no other and develop your skills, check out our Opportunities Portal, where you can find volunteering projects or profesional internships here in Mexico and, of course, in La Laguna.

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