Viva México

What is Mexico about?

Hey you, foreign friend! If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re interested in Mexico, may it be our culture, our food, cities or people, or even because you’re thinking about volunteering around here, don’t stop reading!

If you want to know more about us you came to the right place! Let me tell you a little about our country.

Mexico is a very diverse and interesting country, we have 9 out of the 11 ecosystems of the world, some of the most stunning and amazing archeological sites (around 42,000 registered!), 31 pieces of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and, according to the world, the most beautiful beaches! Just take a look at Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta or our tourist’s favorite: Cancun.

Anyway, I think Mexico being a magnificent piece of art in terms of beauty, it’s just a tiny piece of us, we Mexicans are worldwide known as the creators of one of the best cuisines of the entire planet; everybody loves Mexican food! Want some enchiladas? What about our delicious mole? Have you tasted a REAL taco?

But even beyond all that stuff that makes us popular among other countries, our people are one of the best parts of Mexico. Passionate, hard workers, brave and proud, that’s what we are, proud of being Mexicans.

Hold your horses! That’s not everything, we are also known for being really friendly towards other people; we love to help others, humanitarianism is what we identify ourselves with, and we absolutely love having foreign people around! May you be Asian, North American, European, African or anything else, we will be happy of having you around here and learn about you! Showing you our country and sharing what it means to be Mexican to us with the rest of the world is one of the things we enjoy the most.

Have I told you about our native languages? We don’t speak just Spanish, there are places where people speak many other languages, adding up to approximately 71 different native languages. Most of us know how to communicate in English too! So you won’t have any problem moving inside the country, there’s always a couple of English speaking people here and there that will gladly help you if you ever feel the need.

But fun and games aside, I would like to tell you about our daily reality: We need social help, we need volunteers that love to impact the people that need it the most, we need quality education and entrepreneurship, and you can help us with these problems. Don’t hesitate on coming over for a social project or even a professional practice, you’ll be well received and we promise that you’ll have the most exciting time of your life.

Opening our doors to a multicultural world is what will bring us the future we need, global citizens is what we strive to achieve and what we absolutely need these days. Mexico is beautiful in all the extension of the world, but the reality is that we are not in excellent conditions, nevertheless, we want to stop having potential and become a potency. We want to achieve a genuine fairness for our people; a genuine fairness for Mexico.

And only you can help us to be the great country we might become someday.

Mexico is waiting for you, take the leap and make a real impact for a better tomorrow! It will be the best decision of your life, I am sure.


Cecilia Cuautle

Cecilia Cuautle

Chief Editor at AIESEC en México
Soy periodista, me considero dreamer y maker. Amo viajar y conocer personas, me encanta probar cosas distintas, hacen la vida interesante.
Amo escribir y disfruto demasiado leer.
Cecilia Cuautle

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